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PC-FIXED, Well Cottage, Crown Inn Lane, Stone, Staffordshire, ST150BP. Call 01785 816565
Corona Virus

Self- isolating? Required to work from home? Your PC or Laptop is likely to be your lifeline to the outside world, so If you have any computer problems give us a call. While PC-FIXED normally operates a mobile service, we…

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Internet Safety

Stay Safe!

Today, Internet Safety is paramount.  If you use your PC or Laptop to connect to the internet you need to be aware that you are potentially a target for all sorts of scammers and unwanted connections. From harmless targeted advertisements…

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Business IT Maintenance


Business IT maintenance Most businesses owners protect themselves from obvious risks with insurance, working policies, and good practice. Items they depend on are usually covered by service contracts such as phones and cars. When it comes to IT, bigger companies…

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Yesterday I responded to yet another call for help where my customer had taken a call from what they believed to be their broadband provider. Unfortunately, it was a scam or a ‘vishing’ attack and I thought it would be…

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One of the biggest threats to safe and successful PC or Laptop computing is SPAM. Most unsolicited and unwanted emails are pretty easy to spot and are best ignored and deleted, the danger comes from those that are a bit…

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