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Martin White, Director And Chief Troubleshooter

Time to call in an expert!

PC-FIXED have over 30 years’ experience in diagnosing, fixing and maintaining computers.  We offer Business IT Support, on-demand, and through subscription-based PC-Care packages, designed to keep your business going rather than fall victim to computer crashes or downtime.

Prevention is always better than cure!

I get so many calls from users who simply didn’t realise the risks they have been taking with their PCs or laptops.  Prevention is almost always better than cure and most times it’s a lot cheaper!  – Call us and let us protect you from potential disaster

– Martin White – Director PC-Fixed

Choose the level of support that’s right for you!


Our standard support package includes an annual health-check, tune-up and MOT on each machine.

Once a year we’ll clean off any harmful or unwanted clutter, check your updates and ant-virus programs and optimise your machine(s).  With this package, you also get discounted call-outs and access to our remote support.

Let us look after your computers while you look after your business!

PC Care

PC-Care 24/7

Adds 24/7 pro-active monitoring to our standard package.

Our engineers will be contacting you about potentially developing faults before you even notice anything untoward is happening and preventing them becoming more serious.

This package also includes 1 extra site visit and 1 remote session during the year (if needed) F.O.C.

PC Care 247

PC-Care 24/7

Our premium service, adds managed anti-malware, anti-virus monitoring and unlimited removal of detected threats.

Premium subscribers also benefit from priority response, discounted parts if needed, and up to 2 site and 2 remote visits per year F.O.C

PC Care 247 Plus

Pay As You Go

No contract, just call us and we’ll come to your rescue getting you back online in the shortest time possible.

Even without one of our PC-Care packages, our charges are highly competitive, and we will always provide a full cost estimate before you are committed to any work

Fast, friendly and cost-effective!

Contract-free PAYG

Don’t wait until it’s too late –
by taking out one of our support packages you will be addressing preventable issues
that could seriously impact YOUR business.

The following are some of the common questions we get asked.

You may not. There’s always our PAYG.  How up-to-date is your expert?

Our annual health-check is comprehensive and flags up issues before they become a problem. Our tune-up, de-clutter and update process will ensure that each computer is working at its best, and our user-review checks that safe working practices are in place and being adhered to.

Sometimes it can take an outsider to give a true and impartial appraisal.

Most specialist computer companies charge inflated prices for hardware and their contracts can be cripplingly expensive. PC-Care allows you to take advantage of competitive high-street pricing and still have them installed, configured, and supported professionally.

The bottom line is that PC-Care is good for your bottom-line!

No. Our advice is an integral part of our service.

We build our business and reputation on being your trusted advisor.

We bring together our own experience working in major public sector and private sector companies along with a network of trusted experts in web design, app design and network design to provide a complete IT Support Service.

We have access to a custom build facility which can not only build and supply a computer tailored to your exact specification but also source specialist components and peripherals.

Unsurprisingly we may have to charge a little more to cover specialist machines.

Want a custom built PC? – click here

Currently PC-Fixed only covers any laptop and PC running Microsoft Windows.

We do not support Apple products at this time.

We can advise and supply upgrades to your existing equipment. This can be highly cost-effective and less disruptive.

Help in the event of data loss – we have recovery tools ourselves and access to one of the country’s leading data labs.

One of our most popular services is setting up your new computers and copying over all the key user files from your original machine

Of course! We publish our T&Cs on our website, however, we are not big on small print.

Quite simply, our goal is to provide specialist PC expertise, troubleshooting, repairs, recovery, installations, migrations, and upgrades with the aim of resolving issues quickly and competitively.

In return, we require all subscriptions to be paid in full and any additional charges for parts or extra time are payable on satisfactory completion.

No. But you can earn rewards for successful referrals which result in free upgrades on your next renewal.

Free to join, full details of our referral program are here.

The good news is that there is no limit on the rewards you can earn from successful introductions so it’s a win/win for both you and the company you introduce!

We want to be sure that PC-Care is right for your business.

Just contact us to make an initial appointment where we’ll come to you and guide you through your options.

In some cases, we can commence cover straight away, other times we will arrange to return and complete the initial health-check, tune-up and MOTs.

PC-Care Plans
– no contract

  • Site visit
    Hourly charge £40
  • Remote support
    Per 15mins £20
  • Replacement Parts
    Not included
Per PC Per Year

  • Site Visit
    Annual Health-check, tune-up and MOT F.O.C.
  • Further site visits
    Hourly charge £30
  • Remote support
    Per 15mins £15
  • Replacement Parts
    Not included
per PC per Year

  • Site Visit
    Annual Health-check, tune-up and MOT F.O.C.
    Up to 2 Extra site visits F.O.C.
  • Further site visits
    Hourly charge £30
  • Response
  • Monitoring
    24/7 Active monitoring
  • Prevention
    Managed Anti-virus and Anti-malware
    Unlimited removal of any detected malware
  • Remote support
    Up to 2 remote sessions F.O.C.
  • Extra remote sessions
    Per 15mins £15
  • Replacement Parts
    Not included

PC-Care from PC-Fixed,
keeping your business on-line and preventing trouble with your computer.

Home computer user?

Check out our services for home computer users here

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