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Business IT Support

Business IT Support

Most small businesses cannot afford or, indeed, do not need someone dedicated to IT support however it is also true that most are completely dependent on working computers to run their daily activities. The choice facing business owners is to rely on in-house expertise (just how good is your ‘expert’?) or sign-up with a computer support company (whose main goal is to sell you more computers…)

PC-FIXED offers a real alternative – Pay-As-You-Go IT Support. We are completely independent, and we don’t sell computers. Our business model is based on providing specialist PC expertise, troubleshooting, repairs, recovery, installations, migrations, and upgrades with the aim of resolving issues quickly and competitively.

All we need is a quick call or message to determine the nature of the problem and we’ll either set up a remote support session or arrange a call-out. All costs are agreed in advance and there are no contract tie-ins.

Use us for :-

  • Sick PCs or Laptops
  • Installations
  • Peripherals
  • Recovery
  • Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting
  • Smarter use of ‘the cloud’
external perspective

An external perspective

One benefit of using our services is that we offer a completely un-biased and impartial view of how well you are using IT in your business. This ranges from general ‘housekeeping’ tips i.e. backups and good practice to more specific advice and consultancy regarding integrating ‘Smart IT’ into your daily business processes.

IT goto

Your go-to for everything IT

PC-FIXED is a go-to resource when it comes to everything related to your business IT, we have a network of trusted experts in web-design and builders, app-design and builders, network design and installers, as well as being able to source specialist peripherals and unusual IT hardware. While we don’t sell PCs, we are happy to advise on the current ‘best buys’ giving you the flexibility to make full use of competitive sales pricing and still retain the ability to have them installed, setup and configured professionally.

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You probably depend on one or more PCs or laptops in your admin for emails, sales, records, etc. and you may genuinely believe you don’t need IT support as somehow it all works


Until it doesn’t


Don’t wait until it’s too late!

A small business PC-CARE package from PC-FIXED could be just what you need. Initially, we’ll do a full health-check on each of your PCs and Laptops, clean off any harmful or unwanted clutter, complete any overdue updates, review your backup and disaster recovery strategies, add 24/7 Advanced monitoring, managed anti-virus /anti-malware protection and conduct a staff briefing to ensure safe working practices going forward.

Once you are all setup you can be assured that our Advanced Monitoring software will pick up any advanced warning of potential hardware problems and our Managed Anti-virus and Anti-malware system will keep your computers free of destructive threats.

Why PC-FIXED? We are your local, independent, brand-agnostic PC and Laptop experts. We don’t sell computers we fix them! Our business model is based on helping computer users get the best out of what they already have. This means you can be assured that you are working with a company that is not trying to ‘up-sell’ you all the time. – We’re happy to advise on current ‘best-buys’ and you are free to shop around and get the best prices knowing that you have us to support you in setting-up, configuring and maintaining.

Our Advanced Monitoring service is provided on an annual per device subscription, and our health-check is a fixed-price service. The only variable cost is any remedial work or parts renewals found to be needed and this is on a contract-free pay-as-you-go basis.

free assessment

Free Assessment

We are very much a ‘people business’. Our client base is built on referral and we like to get to know our clients so that we become their trusted advisor. All our engagements start with a conversation so if you would like to know more why not give us a call?  We would be happy to arrange a mutually convenient meeting and to discuss your requirements

Home computer user?

Check out our services for home computer users here

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