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PC-FIXED, Well Cottage, Crown Inn Lane, Stone, Staffordshire, ST150BP. Call 01785 816565 07443 032886
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PC repair services

PC and Laptop repairs save money!

Whether its a failed update, a refusal to startup, a virus attack or just a general slowdown, there comes a point where something has to be done.  This is where you need expert help.  Trouble is, most computer shops will always try to sell replacement hardware which is often unnecessary and expensive.

PC-FIXED is different.  We try and diagnose and isolate the actual part that is causing the problem and just repair or replace that.  This could be the memory, the hard-drive, or a screen etc.  The outcome is usually much more immediate and, of course, more economical.

Repair or replace?

Sometimes a replacement machine is the only solution.  We are happy to advise on the current ‘best buys’ available and to provide a PC Migration service aimed at minimising disruption and preserving all your precious files, photos, music, and contacts off your old machine or its backup.

Repair services

  • Virus removal
  • Malware removal
  • Replace memory
  • Replace hard-drive
  • Replace  screen
  • Renew laptop battery

Related services

PC-Check Diagnostic Software

Advanced Diagnostics

Our experience usually allows us to determine the cause of most computer problems however sometimes the fault can be hard to pin down.  This is where our advanced PC diagnostics service comes into its own.

We are licenced partners of Eurosoft, worldwide leaders in PC diagnostics software.  Where there is any doubt about a machine’s health we can run a whole range of tests which will accurately pinpoint any issues.  We can then assess the best course of remedial action.  Naturally, our advanced diagnostics service is outside the scope of our no-fix, no-fee policy and is usually charged at a fixed fee of £30.

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