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PC Health Monitoring

Wouldn't it be good if your PC or Laptop could give you advanced warning of a problem?

The good news is it can!!!

PC-FIXED is now able to offer 24/7 Laptop and PC health monitoring – preventing downtime and keeping you out of trouble.

The best news is that our basic package is free! We provide a small programme called Kabuto that works in the background constantly checking your computer’s health and performance, ready to pop-up an alert if it senses anything failing or out of range. This app detects problems such as hard disk failures, application crashes, low disk space, ‘blue screen of death’ anti-virus or firewall not working, and an alert will tell you why this has happened and give you the option to contact us if you need help. Depending on the issue, and with your permission, we may be able remotely take control of your machine and fix it (fees apply) alternatively we can arrange a convenient appointment to call and investigate further. Kabuto is self-installing, has minimal performance impact, and is tailored to you.

We just need your name and contact details, and we’ll send you a link. That’s it!

For those who rely a bit more on their PC or Laptop being available and always working you can upgrade our basic package to our advanced monitoring package for an annual fee of £50 per computer. The advantage of our monitored service is that, in addition to Kabuto, we can proactively monitor and check your computer remotely from our office. We will see problems and alerts often before you notice anything untoward happening allowing us to contact you and possibly prevent further degradation before it happens.

Our premium package, advanced monitoring AV+ includes the advanced monitoring option above along with an industry leading managed anti-virus/malware solution from Emisoft, acknowledged to be one of the leaders in computer protection, preventing malware attacks, blocking access to known fraudulent and dangerous websites and hardening your browser’s security when using online banking.  All this for £75 per year.

Kabuto detects:

  • Device failure
  • Hard Drive health
  • Excessive fragmentation
  • Application crashes
  • Low disk space
  • Recent BSOD
  • Firewall or AV failure
£ Free
– no contract

  • Kabuto 24/7 Self-monitoring App
  • Built-in contact form for Service requests
  • Optional remote support (fees apply)
Advanced Monitoring
per computer per year

  • Kabuto 24/7 Self-monitoring App
  • Built-in contact form for Service requests
  • Optional remote support (fees apply)
  • Pro-active advanced monitoring

What is Kabuto?

Kabuto is a lightweight application that lets us monitor your computer’s health, so we can proactively solve your issues before they become a pain. Stuff is going to happen to your computer that puts it at risk or requires attention, like viruses, new software updates or data breaches. Kabuto alerts you to potential problems, so you can get in touch with us anytime you need help.

If you’d like, this application can also help us proactively monitor and fix issues on your computer when they arise when you opt for our subscription-based Advanced or Advanced AV+ packages

Kabuto is a lightweight application that is installed on your computer and runs in the background with minimal to no impact on your computer’s speed or performance.

How can Kabuto help me?

Kabuto monitors for potential problems, so you can pass it off to us before it becomes a real pain for you. You’ll get a simple notification if a problem arises, and easily be able to get in touch with us using Kabuto, if you’d like.

What information can you see? Can you see my private information?

No, we can’t. The information we can see is purely for diagnosing and fixing hardware and software issues. We do not track personal information. Examples of information we can see are:

  • Hardware Information (Motherboard, CPU, Memory, Hard Drive)
  • What applications are installed on the computer
  • What applications run on startup
  • Recent malware found by Antivirus

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