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PC-FIXED, Well Cottage, Crown Inn Lane, Stone, Staffordshire, ST150BP. Call 01785 816565
PC Repair and Laptop installation migration service
pc migration

Grab a bargain and let us do the hard work!

New high-spec PCs and Laptops are surprisingly good value these days.  The main obstacle holding most people back from changing their machine is how to transfer all their ‘stuff’ i.e. photos, iTunes, email accounts, office etc.  With our PC migration service, you don’t have to worry about losing any of your precious memories.  We will make sure everything is copied, and that your new machine is protected with anti-virus and automatic backup software.

New Broadband provider?

Very often the change comes with a new router and the supplied instructions seem to be written in gobbledygook!  Typical problems include Wi-Fi printers that refuse to attach and ‘admin’ tasks that make no apparent sense.  Leave it to the experts – we’ll get it done in no time leaving you to enjoy your computing and not suffer terminal frustration!

Email account migration

Changing your email account or maybe you have purchased your own ‘domain’ i.e. ‘myfamily.uk’? We can help move all your old email to your new account and make sure you have all the necessary controls in place.  Don’t struggle, give us a call!

Installation services

  • Full setups
  • Application software
  • Networks and SANs
  • Wi-Fi and Printers
  • Computer migrations
  • Email migrations
  • Office365 setup

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