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Computer upgrades
mutherboard upgrade
SSD upgrade

Upgrading can transform performance!

Sometimes the solution to slow and troublesome PCs is as simple as upgrading the  hard disk.  The latest generation SSDs (Solid State Drives) operate up to 5 times faster than conventional hard drives meaning your computer will boot up faster and be that much more responsive.  In recent months they have come down significantly in price making them a particularly cost-effective improvement

Other areas of improvement can include changing the motherboard and processor, the internal network and Wi-Fi card, and of course, upgrading Windows to the latest version 10.

Memory is usually an inexpensive upgrade

If your PC or Laptop is running the latest 64bit version of Windows, it is well worth checking whether it has enough RAM (Memory) installed.  Windows is memory hungry and will generally work much more efficiently if the amount of RAM available is increased.  We recommend a minimum of 4GB but when working with large files such as high-quality photos and videos, upgrading to 8GB or even 16GB is better.

Please note older machines may not be compatible with increased memory but we can always check this for you.

Original or compatible components

We can supply either original or compatible parts for most common makes including Dell, Compaq, HP, Lenovo, Acer etc.  We can also source and provide replacement laptop batteries.  These always degrade over time and, with new battery technology, replacements often perform better than the original!

If you would like further information or to discuss the possibility of upgrading your PC or Laptop please give us a call!


  • Windows
  • SSDs
  • Memory modules
  • Hard-drives
  • MB and processors
  • Internal NIC and Wi-Fi cards

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