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PC-FIXED, Well Cottage, Crown Inn Lane, Stone, Staffordshire, ST150BP. Call 01785 816565
Business IT Support

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Our referral program rewards customers who spread the word about us and our PC-Care packages.

Introduce a friend, colleague or business contact who goes on to sign up to one of our PC-CARE packages and you will get a free upgrade on your next renewal!

Register now to join this program and look forward to sharing the benefits of computer peace of mind.

How does it work?

All you have to do is register your name and email below ( you don’t even have to have a current subscription), then add as many friends, colleagues or business contacts as you like.  We will drop them an email or call them, mentioning that you have kindly given us their contact details, believing they may be interested in our services.

For every lead that signs up to one of our packages, you will get a free upgrade on your next renewal – 3 sign-ups and you would get our premium package for one computer free!

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Don't worry if you can't think of more than one however, if you if you know more than three, just come back to this page and send again!

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