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PC-FIXED, Well Cottage, Crown Inn Lane, Stone, Staffordshire, ST150BP. Call 01785 816565
PC Repair, Virus and Malware removal
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Virus and Malware removal

Is your PC or  Laptop behaving oddly?  Unfortunately PC Viruses and Malware are all too common and can cause havoc with your computer. If you suspect you may have been ‘hit’ give us a call and we’ll give your system a professional scan and remove anything that shouldn’t be there.

We are a registered member of Malwarebytes Techbench which gives us access to one of the most powerful anti-malware / anti-virus remediation tools.  Not only can we clean your system we can now provide ongoing protection from either Malwarebytes or Emisoft

Some ‘experts’ suggest that the protection built into Windows10 (Windows Defender) is all you need to be protected from viruses and Malware or that there is no need to pay for protection when you can get the likes of AVG and AVAST free.  We strongly disagree!  Why? because we attend numerous call-outs where the user has been hit by viruses and Malware when they thought they were safe!  Our opinion of the free packages? – they’re worth every penny! 😉

We suggest two options:

  1. Subscribe to a bone-fide anti-virus / anti-malware package such as Malwarebytes premium, McAfee Total or Norton.  Make sure you keep this up-to-date and configure it to scan at least once a week
  2. Subscribe to a managed antivirus antimalware service such as we provide through our PC-CARE 24/7 AV+ service.  Utilising The Emisoft Enterprise engine, this will ensure all threats are kept off your machine by actively monitoring your files and invoking a behaviour blocker if any suspicious activity is detected.

Bottom line:  Prevention is always better than cure!


  • Deep Scan
  • Virus removal
  • Malware removal
  • AV installation
  • AV+ Monitoring

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